We are examining how attentional resources are allocated at various stages in the learning process.

We have a number of ongoing projects that are exploring the implementation of Competence by Design.

We are developing and validating new methods of evaluating skill acquisition and learning in surgical trainees and elite athletes. We are also establishing indices of 'typical' performance.

We are studying how groups work together to make promotion decisions in postgraduate medical education. We are particularly interested in improving processes around decision making for competence committees.

We are exploring ways to use machine learning to reduce error rates, and improve the way that surgical trainees are taught how to interpret diagnostic images.

We are developing new technologies and algorithms for tracking limb segments, hands, and instruments to determine various attributes of movement in different populations.

We are engaged in a number of studies in the LIVELab that are examining the neuroscience that underlies music perception, cognition, and performance.

We are conducting research related to observational learning to create educational experiences that maximize the value of clinical encounters during residency.

We are studying various aspects of sound in creative performance, both in the livelab and in some local professional theatres. 

We are looking at ways to facilitate the transition through the various stages of medical training.

We are examining how video-based training can be most effectively used in surgical and sports training.