Current group members (2019/20)

Jeni Zering  , Research Coordinator

Jeni Zering, Research Coordinator

Kiret Dhindsa  , Postdoctoral Fellow

Kiret Dhindsa, Postdoctoral Fellow

Natalie Wagner  , PhD Candidate (PNB) [completed]

Natalie Wagner, PhD Candidate (PNB) [completed]

Anita Acai  , PhD Candidate (PNB)

Anita Acai, PhD Candidate (PNB)

Portia Kalun  , PhD Candidate (PNB)

Portia Kalun, PhD Candidate (PNB)

Lauren Smail  , PhD Student (PNB) (co-supervised with Sue Becker)

Lauren Smail, PhD Student (PNB) (co-supervised with Sue Becker)

Nathan Cupido  , MSc Student (HSED) [completed]

Nathan Cupido, MSc Student (HSED) [completed]

Cindy Tran  , MSc Student (PNB)

Cindy Tran, MSc Student (PNB)

Sydney McQueen  , MD/PhD Student (IMS, U of T) (supervised by Carol Ann Moulton)

Sydney McQueen, MD/PhD Student (IMS, U of T) (supervised by Carol Ann Moulton)

Victoria McKinnon  , MD Student

Victoria McKinnon, MD Student

Beth Sideris  , Undergraduate Thesis Student (PNB)

Beth Sideris, Undergraduate Thesis Student (PNB)

Ruby Mann  , Undergraduate Thesis Student (PNB)

Ruby Mann, Undergraduate Thesis Student (PNB)

Sarah Eshafi  , Undergraduate Thesis Student (iSCI) (co-supervised with Sue Becker)

Sarah Eshafi, Undergraduate Thesis Student (iSCI) (co-supervised with Sue Becker)

Minarose Ismail  , Undergraduate Independent Study Student (NeuroSci)

Minarose Ismail, Undergraduate Independent Study Student (NeuroSci)

Kathleen Howcroft  , Undergraduate Independent Study Student

Kathleen Howcroft, Undergraduate Independent Study Student

John Cyfko  , Research Volunteer

John Cyfko, Research Volunteer

Serena Yang  , Research Volunteer

Serena Yang, Research Volunteer

Kaushar Mahetaji  , Research Volunteer

Kaushar Mahetaji, Research Volunteer

Stella Choe  , Research Volunteer

Stella Choe, Research Volunteer

Select Alumni

Dr. Naby Nikookaran (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017 - 2019): Now working as a Senior Research Scientist at NXM Labs Inc.

Sara Jamil (CSE MSc Student, 2016 - 2018): Now working as a Data Scientist

Dr. Hossein Taghinejad (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016 - 2018): Now a Data Scientist at SOTI

Dr. Tina Fahim (HRM PhD Student, 2012 - 2017): Now a Knowledge Translation Scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital

Jacqueline Wilcox (Research Assistant, 2016 - 2017): Now a Respiratory Therapy Student at the Michener Institute

Krista Dunn (Research Assistant, 2015 - 2016): Now a Medical Student at Dalhousie University

Sydney McQueen (HSED MSc Student, 2012 - 2014): Now an MD / PhD student at the University of Toronto

Dr. Andrew McGuire (Medical Student, 2014 - 2017): Now an Orthopaedic Resident at Queen's University

Dr. Shawn Garbedian (Surgical Research Fellow, 2010): Now a Staff Orthopaedic Surgeon at North York General Hospital

Dr. Neil Rittenhouse (MASc student, 2009 - 2010): Now a Staff Physician at Alexandra Marine and General Hospital

Dr. Carween Mui (Volunteer, 2010 - 2011): Now an OB/GYN Resident at McMaster University

Dr. Telemachos Cleanthis (Surgical Research Fellow, 2010 - 2011): Now a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Frimley Heath, UK

Amanda Ager (Undergraduate Thesis Student, 2005 - 2006): Now a Doctoral student in Physiotherapy at the University of Ghent